horseshape smart3Dscan is your way to the perfect saddle!

Highest precision for the perfect fit

horseshape smart3Dscan utilizes any Apple iPhone or iPad with Face ID as 3D-scanner for your horse‘s back and measures the horsebacks‘ surface digital, fast and with millimetric accuracy.

If you run the app on a device without Face ID we can‘t perform a scan there. BUT we decided to show a QR code, where normally the introduction to the scan process would be presented.

This QR code can be read with an Face ID enabled iPhone/iPad (via camera app) in order to import your horse & you as owner. After that, you can utilize the FaceID enabled iPhone/iPad to perform a scan of that imported horse. The data is automatically shared with your smartphone and can be displayed there, too.

Just start our app, add your horse and find someone with an Face ID enabled iPhone/iPad. Show the QR code and read it with the iPhones/iPads camera app. Seconds later hold that iPhone/iPad over your horses back. 3D scan is performed immediately and result is shown within seconds. The data is automatically synced to your device, so you can show and use it. Never before has measuring and sharing the horse‘s back been so easy, fast and precise! Try it and convince yourself!