Know at any time whether the saddle still fits perfectly.

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Innovation for HORSE HEALTH

A properly fitting saddle is very important for your horses’ wellbeing. Use horseshape smart3Dscan for unprecedented transparency to ensure the long-term health of your horse.

smart3Dscan App

Start our app, add your horse and hold an iPhone over your horses back. 3D scan is performed immediately and result is shown within seconds. Never before has measuring the horse‘s back been so easy, fast and precise. Try it out immediately and convince yourself!


With the help of the app you get an exact 3D model of the horse's back. We use the data to produce a precise FittingSet. With the FittingSet as a template, you can check the back yourself for changes at any time and have the saddle adjusted if necessary.

Ensure the long-term health of your horse

The life-size negative model fits seamlessly on the horse and documents the horseback at the time of measurement. By simply applying the model to the horseback you can easily spot changes over time. Experience the development of your horse. This is the first time you can have the saddle adjusted in time.

Brings transparency and assurance to the saddle fit

The positive model precisely recreates the horse’s back and takes the horseback to the workshop. It supports the saddle fitter or saddle shop in choosing, fitting and reflocking of your perfect saddle.

For a healthy and happy horse

Precise data of your horse serves as a basis for an optimal saddle selection, saddle fitting or saddle manufacturing.

After each saddle fitting you repeat the process: this way your horse always wears an optimally fitting saddle.

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Know at any time whether the saddle still fits perfectly.

Download the free app and try it directly!


Simply download the app and scan the horse's back with the smartphone itself.


Using the 3D scan, we produce a 1:1 model of the horse's back. With the FittingSet as a template, you can check on the horse yourself at any time whether the back of your horse has changed


... and the saddle still fits your horse perfectly or should be adjusted.

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